Ultimate Branch Trimmer-Pro

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Ergonomic Design Provides A Secure & Comfortable Grip
With the high quality ergonomic design and specially applied anti-slip handle on the Ultimate Branch Trimmer-Pro, you wont ever have to worry about awkward hand positioning or slippage. Reduce stress and increase comfort now with the Ultimate Branch Trimmer Pro.
The Ultimate Branch Trimmer-Pro's sharp shears, durability and safety features makes it easy to use, making any yard and garden project a breeze. 
The Trimmer-Pro was designed with very little vibration or noise output to create smooth precise cuts and help with those thick branches you normally cant get.  
Reduces Labor & Increases Efficiency 
With the ability to make fast precise cuts the Ultimate Branch Trimmer-Pro gives you the confidence to get back into the garden and yard while exerting minimal effort. Feel accomplished with the amount of trimming the Trimmer-Pro will provide you daily. 
Sk5 Carbon Steel
The Ultimate Branch Trimmer-Pro is equipped with high strength SK5 carbon steel blade that is extremely sharp and durable, which allows you to cut branches up to 15mm thick without worrying about your blade breaking or dulling out. 
High Powered Lithium Battery 
The Trimmer-Pro has a great power source with a 3.6v lithium battery that can get up to a stunning 800 cuts on a single charge. It lasts up to 4 hours and only takes 3-4 to recharge. 
Proper Pruning
Proper pruning encourages plants to thrive and is key to maintaining, healthy flowering plants and fruit trees. The Ultimate Branch Trimmer-Pro provides clean, precise cuts allowing your plants, bush's and trees to heal properly, at the same time eliminating any strain and stress associated with the squeezing of conventional manual trimmers. 

1. Hold down the safety switch first, then at the same time hold down the power switch and the scissors will close. 
2. Release the power switch and the scissors open up.
3. In the process of using, you need to keep pressing switch 2.
Package Includes:
1 x Ultimate Branch Trimmer-Pro
1 x Lithium Battery 
1 x Charger

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