Shoe Storage Boxes

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Type: White 6ps
$23.99 $49.99


Keep Shoes Clean

Easy to assemble or disassemble. In addition, the plastic board will keep its shape and no need to throw it away due to bent problem. With a special design to make the stack easier and difficult to deformation.

Our shoe storage boxes have drop front doors so you can easily access your shoes even when units are stacked or on a high shelf. The clear front and sides allow you to see what's inside at a glance. 



Embrace the new fashion


  • Cutting-edge design, smooth experience. The fourth generation of progressive, according to the mechanical principle of design, take shoes more labor-saving.
  • Drawer type design, one hand can push and pull the hand and shoe contact as far as possible to reduce dust contact.
  • Many details make extraordinary, focus on the details of the process, committed to giving users a smooth experience.
  • Grab your shoes and go. Save time.

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