Mini USB Humidifier with LED Light

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Color: Dark Blue
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No more Big, Clunky tank that leaks water to deal with! Keep this Small, Easy to fill humidifier by your bed or bring it with you on the go. It's so easy to use!
Did you know a Humidifier cuts down on Snoring, Reduces Asthma and keeps your Hair and Skin Healthier?

A light moisture in the air has many benefits. Keep one of these mini USB Humidifiers with LED lights next to your bed to have a more restful night of sleep. This works as a night light and humidifier. Perfect for any baby or child's room as a humidifier helps them to breathe easier.  Perfect for an adult's room to enhance beautiful hair and skin, reduce asthma and minimize snoring!

🍃 The Mini USB Humidifier has two spraying modes. The humidifier can be used for 5 hours in continuous mode - 10 hours in intermittent mode. No need to add water during the night.

🍃 Silent humidification -No disturbing sleep. Polymer atomization cool mist, zero radiation, deeply healing for your mind and body.

🍃 The Mini USB Humidifier is portable

🍃 Equipped with a 7 color LED light 

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