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Go Back in Time with a Miini Arcade Game Console


All real 16-bit games! 2.8-inch TFT screen, smooth gameplay, clear image quality and loud sound. The game will be fun, convenient and make you happier! Excellent product quality and unique shape, simple play, durable and beautiful packaging! As a gift for children, play games anytime and anywhere, very sparingly!

Built in 156-bit game

✶ 156 built-in games. You can find many interesting games, arcade, Sege, adventure, sports, action and other games that bring a lot of fun to children. Mini arcade game console can develop intelligence, expand thinking and relieve stress, which is very suitable for parents and children to spend time together!  After 30 years, this game console once again pays tribute to the classics, not only rich in color, but also containing 156 classic games that unite your memories that resemble your childhood.

Support TV output

✶ This is the most classic style of arcade game console, and also supports the TV's AV interface, which restores the classic stand-alone standard of the year. you can play on the big TV screen and easily connect the audio cable to the TV screen, plug and play. Playing on the big screen is different from playing directly on the controller. A small slot machine with 156 classic games was the most realistic children's memory. There are many classic games in various types, and memories are slowly drinking, which is very popular among all. Parents can enjoy happy family time with their children on weekends.

Easy to play

✶ The retro-style mini game console for arcade games has a 2.8-inch TFT screen that can be manipulated in the palm of your child's hand, inspiring sound, durable materials and comfort, and you will love it. The joystick has 8 directions, and mini arcade gamers can meet your gaming needs. Portable and stylish arcade games you can take with you and share your happiness with your friends.

The package includes:

✶ Game console 

✶ AV cable

✶ USB cable

✶ Lithium Battery 

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