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Magnetic Mini Charger

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Color: White
Type: iPhone
$29.99 $49.99


Welcome To The Perfect Magnetic Mini-Charger

-Fast Wireless Charging

-Supports Devices for Iphone, TYPE-C & Android

-Equipped With Magnetic Wireless Charge No Annoying Cables Are Necessary

Strong Magnetic Absorption

-The Mini PowerBank Is Small In Size & It Easily Fits In Your Pocket For Convenient Travel

-Magnetic Connection Is Firm & Strong Enough to Lift Your Phone

-PowerBank Mini Charger Allows You To Charge Your Phone Outdoors & Anywhere At Anytime!

Say GoodBye To Normal Cable Charging

-Wireless Design Charges Your Phone Directly!

-No Longer Tied Down By Bulky Power & USB Cables! 


Wireless Charging

 -Conveniently Charge Your Phone Magnetically & Wireless.

-Built in Interface To Protect From Overcharging

-This Mini PowerBank Charges Your Phone Fast & Efficiently.

-Never Have To Worry About Your Phone Battery Dying Again While Your Outdoors With The PowerBank Mini Magnetic Charger

-The Wireless PowerBank Mini Magnetic Charger Simplifies Your Life Unlike Most Portable Chargers That Are Bulky With Annoying Chords

-Most Powerful & Convenient Charger on The Market Fast Charging With A Simple Mini Structure That Virtually Fits Anywhere

PowerBank Details

-Battery Capacity: 2600mAh

-Size: 78*24*39mm

-Weight: 60grams

-Color: White/Black

-Indicator Light: LED

Magnetic Charging Directions

-Directly Plug & Charge The Mini PowerBank: Using The Magnetic Absorption Charging Cable

-Use The LED Light 1-4 As Indicator For The Charging Capacity. Charge until Max Capacity(4)

-Enjoy The Luxury Of Charging Your Mobile Device Anywhere At Anytime Hassle Free

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