LashKit - Professional Eyelash Lifting Kit

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Imagine waking up daily to perfectly curled eyelashes with ZERO work.

The Original LashKit Professional Eyelash Lifting Kit is specially designed to give your lashes a flawless, long-lasting, and natural curl. Our lifting kit will perm your eyelashes, keeping your lashes perfectly maintained. Eliminate the need for a curler, mascara, or extensions!

Our LashKit is made to spark a light in your confidence - leaving you with perfectly luscious lashes for up to 8 weeks per use! With 18-20 uses per kit, that's over two years of beautiful lashes! It’s a more efficient and significantly cheaper alternative to normal lash perm appointments that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home and share with friends!

  • Suitable for all lash types and lengths

  • Our results last 8 weeks and there are 18-20 uses per kit! That's over two years of beautiful lashes!

  • The LashKit is a cheaper and more effective alternative to eyelash perms and extensions

  • ZERO maintenance required after use! Stay carefree and confident!

  • Our kit is gentle on the eyes - No irritation!

What's In The Box (full instructions on back of box):

  • Perm Lotion: curling agent that enhances the natural curl of your lashes

  • Fixation Lotion: strengthens lashes to maintain curl for up to 3 months (lifespan of an eyelash)

  • Nutrition Lotion: revitalizes lashes to grow thicker and longer

  • Cleanser: removes any residue after the lifting process

  • False Lashes Glue: used to keep lift pads in place

  • Lift Pads: used to help perfectly shape the lash, 5 pairs in 5 different sizes

  • Clean tool: used with the cleanser to remove residue

  • Each kit has up to 18-20 uses and each application will last up to 8 weeks!


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