GreenPockets Garden Wall Panels

Save $35

Size: 64 pockets
Color: Black
$54.99 $89.99


Everyone's going crazy with this new gardening trend

Simply hang GreenPockets on the wall, stack your plants & you're good to go!
✅ Fits several plants into one space
✅ Maximizing space & greenery
✅ Make watering plants easier

✅ A year-round supply of greens to your home!

These trendy vertical gardens look professionally made & impressive.. But with GreenPockets™ - Anyone can now bring a vertical garden home!

Got little space around your home for growing plants? Ditch the traditional way with these space-saving garden wall panels.

Suitable for a variety of plants

Each planting bags have flat pockets, grow any variety of herbs, perennials, succulents, houseplants or vegetables in just a single area at home!

✔️ Build your own little greenery indoors or outdoors
✔️ No fancy garden tools needed
✔️ Save tons of space!
✔️ Add life, beauty & a unique touch to your home
✔️ Eco-friendly, live the green life!
✔️ Guaranteed homeowners 

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