Easybuds-Smartpods 2020, with charging

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Solid Wireless Sound Technology.
We made the Smartpods sound sublime. The synchronous HD stereo sound output gives you the best experience whether you’re listening to chill study music, up-tempo workout songs, or a podcast. Intelligent noise reduction technology keeps it cristal clear even when your surroundings are a mess.
The Smartpods pair with your phone automatically when you take them out of the charging box.  The latest generation Bluetooth 5.0 chip can keep a stable connection up to 20m.

With You, Everywhere And Anywhere.
Your Smartpods stay with you everywhere, rain or shine. They come with three silicone ear tips sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your ear the best. The stable fit makes them safe to use even when jogging and moving around. And don’t worry about working up a sweat: they’re waterproof.
Choose one of the five colors with elegant breathing lights, and make a statement wherever you go.

Enhance Your Phone, Hands-Free.
Controlling your Smartpods with touch control is a breeze. Unlike button controls, you don’t need to apply any pressure over your ear. Just light taps are all it takes to control volume, playback, and calls, however busy you are.
You can use the Smartpods as a high-quality headset, thanks to the dual microphone and binaural, stereo quality calls. Or, if you need it, you can use only one as a one-earbud headset and be fully aware of your surroundings.
Simply holding a tap summons Siri or Google Assistant, and the integration with iOS power display lets you know the charge level anytime.

No More Running Out Of Power.
Busy life? Smartpods won’t leave you stranded without your music.
The improved batteries last for 3-4 hours of playback or calling time, and up to 500h in standby mode. Our wireless charging case can charge the Smartpods completely up to six times and it does it automatically when you put them in the box. The magnetic cover keeps them safe, even if you are on the move.
That’s 24 hours of music, without ever touching a power outlet.

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