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Ever felt like your house looks a little dull from the outside? You want to install some super bright, colorful lights but hiring an electrician would cost you an arm and a leg…

But there’s a solution… imagine your home surrounded by a beautiful glow of bright lights… imagine your neighbors’ faces when they see how stunning your yard looks now with all that color. Colorizes new solar-powered color lights are transforming American homes from boring and dull to the envy of the neighborhood (without any complicated wiring or professional installation!)

How Do Colorizes turn on at Night?

Colorize uses dusk to dawn technology to automatically turn on when it gets dark outside. And when the sun comes up, bright rights turn off and start charging with their solar panels. 

How many do I need for my home?

We recommend getting at least 12 for your home. 4 lights can typically cover one area such as a small garden or porch

Join 14,833 Americans Who Transformed Their Simple Homes Into A Paradise Of Color

Colorize is trusted by over 14,833 Americans and that number is growing every single day.

Not to mention, you get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on Colorize.

Thousands of satisfied customers are just raving about Colorize showering their homes with beautiful, elegant color!

Other Lights

Stunning Color Choices

One Boring Color

Installs in minutes

Take Hours of Wiring


Need Expensive Professionals

Impressive Party Mode

No Color Changing
Solar Powered

Expensive Electricity Bills

Transform Your Ugly Backyard to the Life of the Party with these Clever Lights


Without proper lighting your home is uninviting and make guests want to turn away the second they turn into your driveway…


And if you call a professional to comes install some lights in your yard they are going to charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Traditional lights run complicated ugly wires all through your yard that will drain your wallet with crazy expensive electricity bills.

Make Your Home the Coolest on the Block:

When you place these on any dark area around your house, you’ll notice how quickly your home goes from lifeless to extraordinary. The stunning lights turn your home into an eye-catching paradise.


Solar Powered:

When the sun comes up, Colorizeinstantly starts harnessing energy from the sun. And when it turns to night, they automatically activate with dusk-to-dawn technology.




Colorize lights are designed to survive in your yard through rain & harsh conditions. Just stake them into the ground and you are done, no maintenance needed!


Stop Tripping on Dark Pathways:

No more dark & scary pathways to trip on. Install Colorize and walk on well-light and guided pathways to prevent tripping & serious injuries.


No Ugly Wiring or Batteries Needed:

Just stake them into the ground, no wiring or annoying battery replacements! Plus you won't skyrocket your electricity bills like other lights.


Transform Your Home in Minutes:

Just minutes after you take them out of the box, your home can look astonishing. Just attach the stake and put it anywhere in your yard!


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