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Everyone knows to wear earbuds while running or working out but, not everyone knows how to stop them from falling out. Every time you workout chances are that you've had your workout constantly interrupted by your earbuds falling out ruining your flow in the process.

Even when your earbuds are on they still cause irreversible damage to your ears. Overtime prolonged earbud exposure results in "noise-induced hearing loss". This means the fittest people have the highest risk hearing loss.

Beat bands is an easy solution to all these problems. Beat bands are Bluetooth headphones within a headband designed to stay on for the whole workout. Beatbands are made for all head sizes and are comfortable enough to be worn for as long as needed. Beatbands are guaranteed to keep your ears safer and make your workouts seamless.


Beat bands can be used for all kinds of activities whether it be running, cycling , yoga , outdoor activities ,working out and even for guided meditation. No matter where you , how fast your going or how high you jump Beatband will keep up!

 Beatbands don't just keep sweat from pouring down your face, they keep from falling and keep you at your best. They're fitted for long term wear without compromising comfort. Beatbands grant both high quality sound and environmental awareness to bring a hearing experience like no other. Beat bands make your workouts so harmonious with their light minimal design that you'll start forget your wearing headphones!



Beatbands aren't just a Bluetooth Headband for sports, but also your ideal tool for sleeping. Going to sleep at night especially if your partner is a notorious snorer is not always an easy task. You can try to wear earbuds but thats not comfortable and you can never sleep on your side and earbuds also damage your ears, so you try listening to music without earbuds but you can't without waking up your partner or having everyone in your house hold a grudge against you. That where Beatbands come in.

Beatbands were designed with this in mind! Our design is a ultra-thin, adjustable, high elastic and breathable material, with high-quality audio speakers nestled inside a comfortable, wearable, and washable headband which releases pressure to protect your ears. With Beatbands comfort during sleep is never an issue , all this without Beatbands waking up your partner.

 Beatbands are also great for airplane travel so even if snoring isn't the issue Beatbands are still a great companion for sleep.  Beatbands don't just help you sleep through sound...they double as a sleeping mask so that your eyes are covered to! Pull it down as Eyemask for napping,meditating or sleeping, decrease the light affect your sleeping quality, and with 10 hour battery life you're sleep won't ever be inturupted!


Breathable Material 

Enjoy a lightweight workout Music Headband Headsets made by high-quality breathable fabric, good sweat absorption ensure you focus on enjoying the run, gym, etc.

Easy to use

Built-in microphone and volume control buttons design, you can answer phone calls with only press middle button, switch songs with the volume button, very easy to use 100% no need phone!

Ears Feel Nothing

This Music Headband Headsets covered by soft foam, Ears Feel Nothing, make you start to love sleeping from now, an ideal choice for the side sleeper.

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