3D Virtual Reality Glasses

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How 3D Virtual Reality Glasses work 

✶ Upload your favorite app or video to your smartphone. Currently, there are more and more free applications.

✶ Place your phone (supported models with a screen diagonal of 4.7 to 6.2 inches) in a special slot for 3D Virtual Reality Glasses.

✶ Put the accessory on your head and immerse yourself in three-dimensional space.

Features of virtual glasses:

✶ Using special T-belts, the virtual reality glasses are securely attached to the head and do not cause any inconvenience. The soft front panel is removable and provides maximum comfort and hygiene during long-term use. The case is made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic.

✶ The smartphone is placed in a special slot, closed with a translucent cover. An additional lock securely holds the smartphone, preventing it from moving even in the event of a sharp turn of the head. The design includes a rubber lining that protects the smartphone from scratches in the places of contact.

✶ This model of glasses has a spherical optical lenses with a viewing angle of 360 degrees, which provides maximum immersion in three-dimensional space.

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