Wall Mounted Folding Retractable Clothes Rack

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It amazingly creates an instant closet rack that gives you a 10-inch extra storage space to hang your clothes.



The rack can save you a lot of floor spacehelp you to neatly store garments, and relax in a nicely-organized living space. Easy Wall Mounted Installation.

With its minimalism folding design, you’ll be able to save a lot of space.  

 The rack can hold up to 60 lbs. capacity. Strong bearing capacity
enough to carry heavy coats, pants, and other stuff around the
house without getting broken easily.

Use two wall hanger retractable clothes hanger to assemble a portable laundry rack.


Crafter with only the finest premium materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and sturdy plastic that are weather resistant, rust & corrosion-proof.


  1. Set the rule on the wall then mark it using pencil.
  2. Drill a hole (6mm diameter) in each mark.
  3. Insert the anchor plug using a hammer.
  4. Mount the metal hook on the hole with a screw.
  5. Attach the handing hanger on the metal hooks.
  6. You’re all set to hang your clothes now!


  1. Connect the metal bar from one end to another and make sure it perfectly fits in the middle.
  2. Attach the hook at both ends of the bar for hanging on the mount.
1 X Wall Mounted Folding Retractable Clothes Rack
Set 1: 1 Wall Mount / 2 Screw & 2 Wall Anchor

Set 2: 1 Wall Mount / 2 Screw & 2 Wall Anchor / 1 Adhesive Glue
Set 3: 2 Wall Mount / 4 Screw & 4 Wall Anchor / 4 Seamless Nail / 2 Bars / 2 Hooks
Set 4: 2 Wall Mount / 4 Screw & 4 Wall Anchor / 2 Adhesive Glue / 2 Hooks / 2 Bars

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