HangIt - Clips For Brooms and Mops

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Here is an essential home accessory that shouldn't be missed.

Introducing, HangIt™. This is a self-adhesive clip that prevents brooms and mops from falling on the floor. Saves space and keeps it organized. Suitable for all tools.
  • Suitable for all types of tools. This  does not only prevent falling mops and brooms, it's ideal for other tools like rakes, shovels  and many more so you can keep them neat.
  • Less mess. This reduces clutter in your cabinet tools and kitchen. Keeps your mops, brooms and other tools organized and prevents them from falling on the ground.
  • Saves space. Save space in your home with this! When you have too many tools, this will save the space needed  by letting you hang your mops and tools on the wall. 
  • Quick and Easy to use.This requires no nails or any additional tools. Simply peel of the adhesive and stick it to the wall. Hang your mops and other tools right away! The best part? This won't leave any severe cracks on your wall.

  • Excellent durability. This has a high quality steel spring that holds your tools firmly and allows you to easily lift your tools when you need it.  It's designed to stand the test of time.
  • Find what you need FAST. With just one look, you can instantly find your broom and mops on the wall.
  • Perfect anywhere. This isn't just for the kitchen. Feel free to mount it on any location where you want to to tidy up things. It could be the garage, utility room and many more.
Product Specifications:
  • Package includes: (1) mop clip
  • Material: High quality steel spring
  • Color: White, Gray, Pink, Green,Blue

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