Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser

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Type: Cover D.
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Automatic shoe cover dispenser will easily and efficiently cover the shoves, save your valuable time. It is made of PPT ABS safe to use and environmentally friendly.
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★【No Need to Clean
Automatic shoe cover dispenser can keep your floor clean and neat, so you need not clean every day. You can use it at the doorway that is occupied and convenient to use.
★【NO Electricity 
Shoe cover dispenser work on a mechanical spring, it will automatically release a bootie around your shoe when you stand up the center of the dispenser. So the shoe cover dispenser not only saves electricity but also environmentally friendly

Widely Use
High quality perfect for office, home, shop that needs the disposable shoe cover dispenser. The highlight is the thickened spring and the stable hooks which increased durability and stability. 
Weight: 1.8KG
Size: 400 X 220 X125 (MM)
50 pcs X Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser

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