Acoustic Guitar Pick-Up.

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The Best Performance Enhancer

Imagine setting up for a performance and you see two mics. You know the other one is for your guitar. Nothing wrong with that, but you know by experience how many ear ringing feedbacks it would cause. 
Do yourself and your listeners a favor and eliminate all the feedbacks and produce nothing but crisp and clear acoustic guitar tone. By just attaching the Acoustic Guitar Pick-Up you'll get to do just that.

Who would you rather listen to? A set full of annoying feedbacks or a nice and clean one? Don't let feedback and sound distortions ruin your performance.  
Your Guitar's Perfect Partner
Firstly, you must know that pick-up installation could cost a lot of money and time. And in that process, they're going to drill holes on your precious guitar. Who's to say nothing could go wrong right? Mistakes happen!
Acoustic Guitar Pick-Up is your safest bet. And it's the affordable one too! It's very easy to install. You just have to attach it to your guitar's body, plug in your jack and amplifier and you're done! Easy as that.
It picks up the sound with 100% accuracy. You won't hear any distorted sound or key, just pure amplified sound of your guitar's tone. (well, unless of course, you pressed the wrong fret *winks*).

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